Your Car Alarm Works Like SARS

car alarm

Do you know that the alarm of your car is not only meant anti-theft, that it could be deployed for anti-robbery, community safety and security?


If you noticed that armed robbers are in any of the houses around your neighbourhood, it’s dangerous indiscretion to shout, as they may decide to come for you.

Just activate your car alarm from the comfort of your hiding through your car remote. Let all your cars be blaring with its alarm. To have a maximum effect, educate the members of your neighbourhood that once anyone hears a car alarm at nights, every car alarm in the neighbourhood should be activated immediately through car remote.

Let the entire neighbourhood be saturated with the alarm blare of cars from different quarters. This staccato sound is SARS itself.

No criminal wants to die. They fear noise and exposure. It unsettles them. It makes them nervous and their next line of thought will be that of safety and how to quickly get out of that neighbourhood.

So the car alarm system works, with a dual effect: it makes the armed robbers to hurriedly discontinue their robbery and take to their heels.

And it can as well attract the attention of Police patrol vehicles to the neighbourhood.

Why not schedule a security meeting within your neighbourhood this weekend and educate them on the employment and deployment of car alarms as an effective measure to community safety.

You are your security first! Always stay safe.

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