When Babies Start Walking


Have you ever wondered when babies can actually start walking? 

Those tiny little steps are really a precious moment for any parent to witness. So when do you catch your baby taking those precious steps?

Most babies are expected to start taking their first steps and attempting to walk from about 9 to 12 months of age. This is usually after they have attempted to crawl successfully between the age of 6 to 9 months.

By the time they are 14 months old, they should be confident about their steps. But there are times when it takes longer for a baby to walk either due to their weight or some other reason.

If by the time they turn 15 months and they haven’t attempted sitting, crawling, or standing up on their own to walk then parents should visit a paediatrician.

Babies usually are not strong enough to stand on their own about the time they are just above a year old. Parents and caretakers can help them stand and try walking them to encourage them to take steps. Or alternatively, strollers can be of immense help when the baby is left alone.

After those first magical steps toward independence, your child will begin to master the finer points of mobility:

Standing: At 14 months, your toddler should be able to stand alone. And can probably squat down and then stand back up again.

Steady walking: By 15 months, your child may be pretty good at walking. It may enjoy push-and-pull toys while it toddles. It will begin to gain and maintain stability.

Climbing stairs: At about 16 months, your child will begin to take an interest in going up and down the stairs.

Climbing and kicking: It’s likely your child will be a proficient walker by 18 months. Climbing all over the furniture, though won’t always be successful. And at this time it probably likes to dance to music too.

Give babies healthy meals that contain the essential vitamins and minerals. This can strengthen their bones and help them build muscles to start walking early.

When did your child start walking? Did it take longer than usual? You can leave comments below the article.


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