When Babies Start Talking

when babies start talking

When will my baby start talking? Most parents are anxious about this…

They already hear you talk from when they were in the womb.

The first thing babies do when born is they cry loudly. Except the baby has a tongue-tie.

With time they are able to express themselves more.  Just like crawling turns walking. When babies start talking they go from babbling gibberish, they begin mouthing meaningful words like ‘dada’ or ‘mama’

A baby may use either verbal or non-verbal queues. or even both to express happiness or discomfort.

Usually, girl babies start talking before male babies.

Newborns can recognize the mother’s voice.

From 1 month to when they are 4 months they can smile and cry, turn their heads when they hear sounds or follow movements.

From five to eight months they can play efficiently with toys and their monosyllabic speeches become disyllabic. They coo, ooh, and aah very well.

From nine to twelve months most kids can call dada or mama already.

Some babies may delay their first real words but can and will surprise parents when they do speak. They may also be delayed language development. But you can visit the doctor for assurance.


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