When Using the ATM

using the atm

Last week I went to use the ATM.

I got there and looked around, joined the long queue and a young lady came to meet me and asked how much I want to withdraw. and then she told me she over withdrew money.

She was supposed to withdraw 1 thousand Naira but mistakenly pressed 10 thousand Naira instead. She said she will give me 9 thousand Naira cash and that I can transfer it to her account.

Even though I had been standing on the queue for approximately 5 minutes, I never saw this lady around that ATM, she wasn’t on the queue, she never made any withdrawal.

“Which ATM did she use in getting the 10 thousand Naira?”

Long and short, I told her I will wait for my turn and she left my side. I asked the man in front of me,

“Did you see this lady around?”

I wanted to point her but the babe had disappeared and I didn’t see her again.

I told the man what she said and he laughed. He said it is an old scam –
They come with fake notes claiming they mistakenly withdrew more than what they need.

Because you are in a hurry to leave the long queue, you transfer the money to them and they give you cash. And then You leave happily thinking you have escaped long queue.

Then when you go to someplace to buy something with the money you then realize you were given fake money if the cashier is observant of the money enough.

The man called it an old scam but what saved me was my keen observation –  she looked so innocent and pretty you won’t even suspect a thing.

It is possible someone out there is hearing about this ATM scam for the first time.  But it doesn’t still hurt to inform others how people take advantage of everything –

This above is a narration by an innocent ATM user Iyoyojie Adesua who almost fell a victim.

These kinds of scams usually happen around festive seasons and about the times of the month when salaries are paid. Be careful enough to shine your eyes in these kinds of transactions in order not to fall victim to scammers.

Be safe always even when using the ATM. Naija Family Blog will always bring you security tips to help you stay safe.

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