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7 Things You Must Teach Your Child as a Parent

things you must teach your child

There are certain things you must teach your child as a parent. And having a teenager especially means having a young adult under your care. These are the making or marring years in their lives. It is not easy monitoring or training a child but if you start early in their childhood then it is nothing to worry about.

Children, as they grow, undergo changes physically, emotionally and psychologically especially around puberty. This is evident in their adventurous risk-taking, friends, and actions  to mention but a few.

Here are 7 things you must teach your child as a parent. Teach them:

1. Respect

Teach them to respect you and others around them. If you love your child(-ren) and you want them to live long then teach them to respect you the parents and every other person older than them within and without the house. This is one major secret of long life. To not teach them respect is to cut their lives short.

2. Empathy

Teach them to have a heart. Teach them to have human feelings and show love when necessary. Teach them to give and share with others. It could even start with how they treat a pet. The way the child treats a cat or dog tells a lot about them in this aspect.

3. Confidence!

Kids who don’t act or look confident  kids that get bullied easily. It is easier for bullies to pick on such kids easily than outspoken kids. They should learn to stand for themselves. Tell them to speak up if bullied. Confidence is a key thing among things you teach must teach a child.

4. To Apologize

Teach a child to say I AM SORRY when corrected. It is not just okay to tell them what they have done wrong if it was unintentional. But they should also be taught the right thing to replace the wrong one. If the wrong was done intentionally, then they should also apologize and repent of it.

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5. Appreciation

Equally important, they should learn to appreciate every gesture from parents and anyone who gifts them something no matter how little it may seem. Parents should teach children to be grateful for whatever they are able to provide. Teach them to say THANK YOU from an early age.

6. Shun Cultism and Substance abuse

Get involved in their day to day lives and know who their friends are and what kinds of friends they keep. Most kids and teenagers who do drugs are mostly the ones that don’t have parents who are involved in their lives. Active parenting requires to know what is going on in child(-ren)’s lives and ask questions especially when they are withdrawn or behaving funny. Parents MUST tell their kids to shun cultism and substance abuse and remind them of the consequences.

7. Independence

There is no better thing a parent wants to see like/than seeing their once little baby that needed diaper change hour-on-hour now fending for themselves and even trying to cater for them the parents. It makes parents proud. That is why a father can sit among his friends and beat his chest. And a mother can also gossip in the marketplace about her child who is doing well. Set your children up to fend for themselves because you will not always be around to do everything for them. Teach them to be especially financially independent by learning how to start saving early in life

8. To be Responsible

Lastly, teach them to be responsible both in conduct and  for their actions. From personal dressing to public conduct they have to look and be responsible. Sagging or skimpy dressing and tattoos also make people have reservations about character

Everything parents teach children is a form of training they will grow old with. There are more things you must teach your child as a parent but we picked these 7 to share.

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