The Essence of Family

The Essence of Family

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he essence of family is beyond being related by blood. Its meaning is beyond bearing the same surname.

Family is beyond the nuclear and extended family settings. The essence covers more than the family you are building or the one you come from.

What then is really the essence of a family?

Family is not important. Family is everything – Michael J. Fox

Your family understands you. It is your clan. Family is home and it is where the heart is. It is that place where we can be and do us. We can take our shoes off, kick back and relax. We can struggle for position, power, and money outside but not at home. It is where you are most welcome because you fit in. The family is there to hold your hand both in good and trying times; family is support.

Family is a complementary blend of different people. It is a unity of different people in spite of diversity. A strong nation and team bound by love is a family. Being a family unites and binds people. The essence of family is to be one. It is one thing we don’t have and at the same time have the privilege of choice in life.

Family may not be on the same tree but may bear similar kind of fruit.

Furthermore, the family is where we learn good behaviour and courtesy in private before the public show. We can make mistakes here and be corrected over and over again. It’s just us, so we can breathe and take it easy. This is where the impact on society is learned whether good or bad. This is also where our character is formed.

Unconditional acceptance is the essence of family. In the biological family setting, you don’t have to do anything to be born into a family. You’re just born a member and belong there. Whether born blind, deaf, mute, deformed or not…you’re family.

The essence of family is lifelong connectedness and accountability. For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health. Family is the place where we are always connected until death part us. It is where we are always accountable knowing that certain actions will make the other person or people feel a certain way. Family is where we live with our own and each other’s mistakes and losses. Bad marriages, failed businesses, loss of property or life – all these are family matters. This is where we learn responsibility and express love as charity begins at home.

Our family is also a source of motivation. It is not only a place we come into the world through. But a place we also go out into the world from to represent and make proud. From our first day of school to our first job to our roles in the society and the world, the family is the cheer-group that tells us “You can do it!” It believes in, nurtures, disciplines, and sets us up – all towards making us the best. It’s the job of the family to churn out responsible people. The family is why we are out there hustling.

Acceptance, sense of belonging, connectedness, unity in diversity, responsibility, at-homeness, and more… – these are the essence of family. Being able to have a bond beyond blood relations is the essence of family.

And ultimately, it is in being part of the human family that we will realize our shared dream of peace on earth.

Good relationships are also the essence of family. Being able to also relate to others within and outside our homes is key. Family is loyalty; a form of brotherhood. The essence of family is identity;  knowing that you belong somewhere and will always be there for one another.

The essence of family is love, sharing, giving, and forgiving.

Lastly here, the family is an arena that teaches us life lessons and prepares us for life. From ethics to manners, to how we conduct ourselves, and etiquettes. This is where we learn to interact with others before we go out into the real world. This is where we learn family-building to subsequently build ours.

Some see only the action in the Fast and Furious series. Others see a family. What does family mean to you? Share with us in the comments space below and share with someone who means family to you.

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