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12 items road safety require

12 Items Road Safety Requires Every Driver To Have

Do you know that there are a number of items that are a must-have if you own or drive a car? Naija Family Blog came across this list of items and thought to share.

These are the List of 12 items that vehicle owners and drivers are now expected to have on board while driving on the road. Not having items 5 and 12 can get you in trouble with the Federal Road Safety C

1. Warning triangle (c-caution)  -This is very important to possess not just for inspection purposes but a sign to put up when your vehicle breaks down on the road.

2. Fire extinguisher – Can either be a dry powder or liquid gas fire extinguisher. It will come in handy during fires.

3. Jack – This is important for changing to your spare tyre in case of punctures or flats.

4. Spare tyre – In cases of damaged and punctured tyres you can easily replace the bad tyre and move on.

5. First Aid kit – The First Aid Kit is required to also contain these items: disposable gloves, safety pins, scissors, cotton wool, iodine, antiseptic, aspirin, bandage, plaster, soap etc

6. Wheel spanner –

7. Water – Water and detergent are also important must-haves to keep in the car in case you need some to add into the reservoir. Adding detergent into the water during fires also helps in putting out fires more quickly.

8. Hydraulic – Very important in cases where the brake fluid is shorting and needs to be topped. On rainy days it can also come in handy if the wipers are not efficient. You can apply just enough in your windscreen/windshield so water can run off without staying on.

9. Transmission fluid – You can top the gear oil when the gear lever begins to get hard when shifting gears. It makes changing gears smooth.

10. Torchlight – You may not know the importance of having a torchlight until you have had a breakdown when it is dark. It is a lifesaver when you have to hold it up to see what you are doing. And it is also used to wave other cars down for help when it is dark.

11. Spare fan belt – You never can tell when the working fan belt disappoints and you are on an interstate road.

12. Razor Blade – It is one item that also makes the First Aid Kit. It is basically used for cutting.

So, these are the 12 items road safety requires drivers to possess in the car/vehicle

Disseminate the message to all those who use vehicles for Personal, Official or Commercial purposes.

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