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belong to a group

Belong to a Group: The 60 Plus Group

A young billionaire rushed into a hospital. And he asked the doctor, “Where is my mother? What is wrong with her? Why is she on admission?” Continue reading “Belong to a Group: The 60 Plus Group”

car alarm

Your Car Alarm Works Like SARS

Do you know that the alarm of your car is not only meant anti-theft, that it could be deployed for anti-robbery, community safety and security?


If you noticed that armed robbers are in any of the houses around your neighbourhood, it’s dangerous indiscretion to shout, as they may decide to come for you. Continue reading “Your Car Alarm Works Like SARS”

Emergency Management Agency Security Notice

Emergency Management Agency FEMA Security Notice

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Emergency Management Agency FEMA advises: 

Continue reading “Emergency Management Agency FEMA Security Notice”

tips that can save your life

21 Tips That Can Save Your Life

Life is very precious and sacred. You need to guard it will everything you’ve got. Continue reading “21 Tips That Can Save Your Life”