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Man Needs Sex Permit From Police After infecting Two Women

A man who allegedly infected two women with HIV has been told that he must get written sex permission from the police if he wants to have sex.

Aaron Sutcliffe, 29, from Fleetwood, Lancashire, was told that he is a sexual risk to the public. Hence, he must get authorisation, both in the UK and abroad, before having intercourse.

He’s been handed a Sexual Risk Prevention Order that covers “vaginal, oral and anal sex.”

The order was issued on Thursday and it covers both male and female sexual partners.

In order to get permission, he must also give the contact details of the person he intends to have sex with. And he is not allowed to have any form of intercourse without a condom.

Police will get in touch with any of Mr Sutcliffe’s sexual partners to make them aware of his sexual past. Of course, this is with the sex permit.

The order says: “You must stop having sex immediately if there is any indication that the condom is in any way damaged or deficient.”

“You must tell the police public protection unit in the area where you live of the identity of the person you intend to have sex with.”

“You must provide contact details of that person to the unit. And also get written acknowledgement of the notification. This order covers vaginal, oral and anal sex.”

His lawyer, Patrick Nelligan, said: “Mr Sutcliffe has gained his condition as a result of a crime against him, which is being investigated.”

“He knows his future sexual behaviour must be appropriate. His current partner is fully aware of the situation. If he engages in a sexual relationship with anyone else, that person must be told.” The order is in place for two years which is likely to end sometime in 2020.

Sutcliffe has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm to two women by infecting them with the HIV virus.

How bad of him to do that. And he will need a sex permit for as long as the restriction is in place.


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