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international day of families 2020

International Day of Families 2020

Happy International Day of Families everyone!

15th of May every year is set aside and recognized by the United Nations as Internation Day of Families. This is to promote the importance of a healthy and well-balanced family. Continue reading “International Day of Families 2020”

pride in the home

Pride in the Home


As the saying goes, PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL.

The consequences of pride in a marriage or relationship could be irreversible. If someone tells you that he/she has a perfect marriage, just know right away that he/she is a great liar.

Couples fight and fight badly for that matter, though it is not expected of a true Bible-believing Christian to stay fighting or disagreeing; but it’s the ability to revise ones stand, communicate with respect, and be honest with each other, that determines the survival of any relationship.

If you remove pride and arrogance in your marital relationship, the marriage is already 90% promising, stable, and peaceful. And can thus, stand the test of time.

Invest in your marriage through giving, talking and compromising here and there. Your business as a stakeholder should be what to do to make your home peaceful and stable for you, your spouse, and your children’s enjoyment.

Stop running to 3rd parties who equally have their own challenges they are probably hiding and managing. You may end up getting nothing positive or helpful from such friends, family members, church/mosque members, and colleagues to whom you are exposing or trading what should be the solved within the confines of your home.

A broken home is like war. No party goes uninjured. Each party goes with an injury they nurse for the rest of their lives. That is the reality. Whichever party claims unaffected/uninjured is a chronic liar, chronic pretender, and an unrepentant soul, l mean he/she is stone-hearted.

Such a person has no idea of what a good home should be. He/she is ignorant of the positive impact of the unbroken relationship on the home itself, the community, the church/mosque congregation, and the society at large. No amount of success in life could compensate for failure at home.

Ensure that your home is not scattered. Repair it now before it is too late. If your home is experiencing separation now, ensure that you shed your pride and compromise to arrest it from drifting to a broken home.

Stop narrating your home affairs around to seek sympathy. Most people you have taken your story to, and are supporting you, are in their own homes, keeping their homes intact, sympathising with you, while you are already out of your own home. Pride in the home can break it. Be humble to resolve your differences.



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family goals

Setting Family Goals

Happy new year to you again! How did 2019 go for you and the family? Did you smash your personal and family goals in the previous year? Or did the year see you run from pillar to post as soon as it started?

Setting family goals is different from writing some to-do list that are routine. Some or most of these goals that are not achieved are mostly wishes that were never really acted on to make them a reality. But all that can change this new year. And you can achieve even much more than you thought possible.

Yes, just like every other goal family goals have to have some elements. Those family goals have to be SMART for them to be achieved.

Why is Setting Family Goals Important?

  • Family goals make you understand what your priorities are. When written down they clearly point you to where you are looking at and expending time, energy and finances. You can see what you value on this list.
  • Having and fulfilling common family goals brings about a sense of belonging and bonding. It may surprise you what other members of the family (whether nuclear or extended) have to contribute if allowed to voice their thoughts. Like an African proverb goes,

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together…

Do not underestimate the power of many.

  • There is a sense of inclusion when you all achieve together. You are a team that have to work together to achieve a common goal or fight a common enemy. A family member needs the help of the team to fight drug addiction and become clean again. It will be harder for them dealing with it all alone.

How to Set Goals for the Family

They have to be specific, measured, achievable, realistic and timed. If your family goals do not have these elements then you may likely not achieve them.

Be sure to make them inclusive such that everyone (even the 4-year-old kid) can understand and contribute.

And be sure to display them in places where everyone who has a part to play can see the list every time they are in the house. Place the list by the dressing mirror, on the wardrobe door, by the bed, and even on the fridge door.

You have plans to travel for vacation? Cut the picture of the destination place and paste it right where your eyes can’t miss it.

 Examples of Family Goals

  1. More bonding time – Deliberately setting aside time to just talk about everything that concerns everyone. A time of no TV or phone distraction. The best suggested time for this are times between dinner and bedtime. It shows care, concern and involvement with the other person.
  2. Live healthier – Exercising and a good diet are part of this. You do not have to start putting on weight before you exercise. Exercises like jogging or taking brisk walks in the mornings and or evenings for about 30 minutes is good. Eat proper and healthy meals that exclude junk and fast foods should make the list of family goals. This will cut out bad health as healthy gut keeps diseases away. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  3. Vacation – Choose a spot you have always wanted to go with your family to share memories together. This is great, especially during the long holidays. Write it plainly- “I AND THE FAMILY WILL VISIT THE GAMBIAS IN SEPTEMBER 2020.”
  4. Projects – Be it a personal project (e.g school pet project) or collective project (e.g planting a backyard garden) you can help each other out. That is how families succeed. Helping each other.
  5. Learn something new – Learn something new like a new language. This can be an indigenous or foreign language. Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba or Mandarin. You can also opt to learn a new musical instrument.
  6. Visit family and picnicking –  Visit other families and even do sleepovers at trusted friends houses. They are things you will see other families do that you can copy positively. Or not if negative.
  7. Book reading and Devotion – Learn to cultivate the habit of reading together. You can decide to name a book the family has to read in 2 weeks and evaluate together. This is especially good when it involves children. They should cultivate the habit of reading early in life. Get to have quiet and spiritual times together in the mornings and evenings.
  8. Chores and responsibilities – Someone should be responsible for something. And in the case where the person to do it isn’t there then someone else has to do it. “I will be responsible for watering the garden this summer.”

These are a few family goals that you can set and smash. You know your family better. Set goals that will make your family better. Write them down and get to work. Go for 2020!

What are some family goals you have achieved or intend achieving? You can leave comments below.


Do you have an important article or story you want to share under these three basic topics covering family life, parenting, and relationship?

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You can also follow and leave a message on any of our social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on the handle @naijafamilyblog.

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The Essence of Family

The Essence of Family

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Family is beyond the nuclear and extended family settings. The essence covers more than the family you are building or the one you come from. Continue reading “The Essence of Family”