Some Fresh Air and Sun on Clothes

some fresh air and sun on clothes

Almost every day we hand-wash or use the washing machine to do laundry. The frequency of washing especially in Nigeria and West Africa depends on the season. It also depends on how frequent we wear clothes.

Baby clothes should be washed as soon as possible with disinfectants. The clothes should not be repeated after bathing the baby. And after washing, dry the clothes outside for some fresh air and sun.

After washing, adult clothes should also dry outside for some fresh air and sun. The breeze and sunlight don’t only help dry the clothes faster but brings back the shine in clothes.

Especially during rainy seasons in West Africa, people dry most of their washed apparels inside. These clothes don’t get to feel the breeze or sunlight until they ‘dry.’ They are not really dry as they are still damp when felt or worn.

Importance of Having Some Fresh Air and Sun on Clothes

Drying clothes and other apparels outside help clothes to regain freshness. This helps to prevent that damp-y smell that comes from clothes not seeing the sunlight after washing.

You can use the trick of squeezing wet clothes in a towel for an adult’s clothes. But not for baby wears. Baby clothes need to be properly washed and dried under the sun to prevent damp. This will prevent the baby from catching a cold.

Drying clothes in the sun and allowing them to dry properly will prevent mould from growing on clothes when folded and stored away for long. This happens especially in the rainy seasons when there is little sunshine. But thankfully, you don’t have to wash as often like during the harmattan.

Dry pants, boxers, sponges, towels and cleaning clothes outside to kill germs and bacteria on them. You can also take out the foot mats in front of bathrooms out when it is sunny. Especially when it is during the rainy season you need to make sure clothes get dry properly so they can also be ironed.

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