Shy Girl

shy girl

Unlike most girls, she’s the kind who likes to
stay quiet and keep things to herself. Because she is a shy girl

She’s shy around new people and she doesn’t even have much to
say around her old friends.

I guess you can say she’s awkward most of the time and she isn’t really

She doesn’t know how to be open with
people she doesn’t know and she doesn’t know
how to be outgoing naturally.

She’s just afraid that people would think she’s weird. Not that she should care, but she just doesn’t want to be judged badly for being herself.

She also doesn’t get along with people that easily.
It’s hard for her to find other people that are like her because
nowadays, most girls are loud and snobby because this generation has deemed that to be “cute”.

She isn’t a “bad girl “, but she feels like
no one would want her because she’s a “good
girl”. But she’s just a shy girl…

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