pride in the home

Pride in the Home


As the saying goes, PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL.

The consequences of pride in a marriage or relationship could be irreversible. If someone tells you that he/she has a perfect marriage, just know right away that he/she is a great liar.

Couples fight and fight badly for that matter, though it is not expected of a true Bible-believing Christian to stay fighting or disagreeing; but it’s the ability to revise ones stand, communicate with respect, and be honest with each other, that determines the survival of any relationship.

If you remove pride and arrogance in your marital relationship, the marriage is already 90% promising, stable, and peaceful. And can thus, stand the test of time.

Invest in your marriage through giving, talking and compromising here and there. Your business as a stakeholder should be what to do to make your home peaceful and stable for you, your spouse, and your children’s enjoyment.

Stop running to 3rd parties who equally have their own challenges they are probably hiding and managing. You may end up getting nothing positive or helpful from such friends, family members, church/mosque members, and colleagues to whom you are exposing or trading what should be the solved within the confines of your home.

A broken home is like war. No party goes uninjured. Each party goes with an injury they nurse for the rest of their lives. That is the reality. Whichever party claims unaffected/uninjured is a chronic liar, chronic pretender, and an unrepentant soul, l mean he/she is stone-hearted.

Such a person has no idea of what a good home should be. He/she is ignorant of the positive impact of the unbroken relationship on the home itself, the community, the church/mosque congregation, and the society at large. No amount of success in life could compensate for failure at home.

Ensure that your home is not scattered. Repair it now before it is too late. If your home is experiencing separation now, ensure that you shed your pride and compromise to arrest it from drifting to a broken home.

Stop narrating your home affairs around to seek sympathy. Most people you have taken your story to, and are supporting you, are in their own homes, keeping their homes intact, sympathising with you, while you are already out of your own home. Pride in the home can break it. Be humble to resolve your differences.



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a parent's influence

A Parent’s Influence

A father’s or a parent’s influence goes to the fourth generation after him. Whitney Houston’s parents Emily and John Houston divorced when she was at kindergarten.

And together with her lover, Bobby Brown, Whitney smoked crack in the presence of their 5-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

At 22, Bobbi died of drug abuse. Her mother Whitney died at 48 on similar grounds. Great careers and more importantly, great lives lost due to weak fatherhood.

While there is little we can do about our ancestors, there is something that we can do about your descendants. One thing that prevents a man from being a good father is that he hasn’t completed being a boy. To be in your children’s’ memory tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.

Having children doesn’t make you a father. Raising them does. Because a parent’s influence cannot be underestimated. 

There are many who were raised up in unstable families. But didn’t pass it on to our children. We don’t have to fight in the presence of our children. We can choose to shield their emotions from our disputes as adults. To a large extent, you are a product of your early relationships. 

Unstable parents create insecure children. Stable parents raise stable children. Children need affection (hugs,), attention (listening) and affirmation (positive words), every day. When a man loves his wife, it creates security and stability. The best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother. Children learn how to handle feelings, loses, failure and conflicts at home.

Regrettably, parenting can neither be delegated nor suspended for a while as we work for the ring of fame and fortune. The growth of children is irreversible. As a young tree, it takes the bends directed by the gardener, so is the life of a child. You can’t shape it in adulthood; you can’t pick it from where you left after you reach the top in your career pursuits.

It’s always easier to model young boys than to rehabilitate grown-up men.

If you invest in your child, you don’t have to invest for your child.

Children require presence not presents. No amount of gifts and meeting financial obligations can replace your personal presence. Any written will can be torn in a few years after the demise of the writer of the will. The only sure inheritance that you can leave behind is the investment you make in your child, not for your child.

More important, We also have to pray for our children against peer pressure and external influence.

What influence do you (intend to) have on your children? How will it affect their future? Leave comments below the post to share your thoughts. 


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kill your spouse

Before You Kill Your Spouse

Now that we don’t know who is more likely between men and women to kill or maim his or her spouse, we need to discuss this.

Every day, the news is awash with the news of a man killing his wife. Or a woman killing her husband. Women are getting more daring by the day. And they turn everything in the house to weapons. Frying pans, pestles, turning spatula, etc are very handy for attacking their husbands. 

A wife used a kitchen knife meant for cutting meat to slice her husband’s genitals. Could you believe that this woman forced her husband to hold his genitals as blood gushed out from his intestine like water?

The bitter wife did not see her husband as a man but an animal that should die a slow and painful death.

Another woman hired a killer to help in murdering her cheating husband at their home in Osogbo, Osun state in Nigeria. She cooked for her husband, had sex with him and made him sleep off (she confessed she had sex with him to make him very weak and sleep quickly).

As her husband was fast asleep, she brought in the killer who suffocated her husband with a pillow while she held his legs strongly so the killer could do his job easily.

A man killed his young wife out of anger. He suspected her of cheating on him. He threw her into the garden from the second floor just to make people believe she fell by accident.

And a young woman Sandra has just been sentenced to death for killing her husband in Abuja. She stabbed him seventeen times, to be sure he was very dead maybe.

Yewande Oyediran, a lawyer, killed her husband in Ibadan a few months ago. Also in Nigeria.

Akolade Arowolo who killed his banker wife and was sentenced to death by a Lagos State High Court is still awaiting his day in the Cout of Appeal. 

Lekan Sonde who killed his wife in Egbeda is waiting for the hangman to come calling.

With all these killings and gory stories, we need to ask ourselves,

“What has come over us?

Where did we get it wrong?

We were not like this before, what is happening?”


Life is so precious, you can’t give it, you are not permitted to take it. No matter your reasons for it, as soon as you take a life or become violent, you will be the guilty one. And the law will take its course against you.

What You Are Going To Lose If You Kill Your Spouse

You have many things to lose by becoming violent in your marriage. Once it leads to death or bodily harm, the whole nation will be against you. It will be you against the state. You are likely going to be killed or sentenced to life imprisonment if you kill your spouse. You will lose your life.

Before you are sentenced in court and executed, you would have spent some years in solitary confinement in the prison yard. All those who are hailing you now will not be with you. They will be against you for a fact. You will be on your own to face your foolishness alone.

As soon as you are sentenced to death, you will be taking to a condemned criminal cell. It is the most terrible place anybody can ever be. You will live in fear of the hangman for the rest of your life. You won’t know the day he will come but you know he is coming for sure.

The blood of your victim will then be in your hands and over your neck forever. What a big burden to bear. It will be on record that you are a killer, a murderer!

Your children will carry this stigma all the days of their lives. If your children’s potential inlaws get to know their background, they may ensure that that their children do not marry your children. Your Children are going to live the rest of their lives in agony.

If you kill your spouse, your children will end up losing both parents as the state will kill a killer.

Don’t allow anger, bitterness and resentment take the better of you. Don’t allow jealousy to dictate your life. Don’t permit hurt to stay in your life and ruin your destiny. Send it out.

Soon, anger will disappear when blood begins to gush out while your spouse is on the floor and a bloody knife is in your hands. The police will come calling, handcuff your hands which will be your new wristwatch as your life turns from noon to midnight. The dead will be better than you as he or she will have a place of rest and sympathy of people. But you will not have the privilege of rest or peace of mind. No!

When you kill, you murder sleep and joy. People’s curses will go with you as you step on the blood of the innocent soul that will be crying for vengeance.

Friends will desert you, your family will disown you, you will stand alone as a lawyer makes lots of money from your foolishness. Before they stop calling when they see you to the hangman. Most Lawyers won’t show up to see you off to the hangman’s workshop as you won’t live to pay them for that service. You know lawyers and fees, so you are on your own. Only a priest who you’d meet for the first and only time will be called to lead you on the journey your stupidity and volatility ignited.

Regret, regret and regret will be your companion as the rope snuffs out your precious life from you because of your lack of discretion.

Nothing, I mean nothing is worth the life of anybody. Don’t take it because you will not have a hiding place, the law will call on you.

Read, this over again and never go near your kitchen when you are angry. Don’t use the kitchen tools as your ballistic missile to destroy someone you once said you loved.

When marriage is hurting, talk to experts who will help you to handle the situation. Your F.F.F will not be helpful at this time. They will fuel the fire the more. F.F.F means Family Members, Friends and Fans.

Look for help in the right quarters before you end up killing somebody and hurting yourself. If you are being hurt and feeling murderous, speak out now and seek help. If your spouse is hurting you deeply, seek help, not weapons.

Please share this for all to see, let’s stop these incessant killings. Let love lead the way no matter how hurt we feel. 

Written by Bisi Adewale

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when babies start eating

When Babies Start Eating Solid Food

When can babies start eating solid food?

At what age can babies be able to digest solid food? Are they old enough to be weaned? Or they just don’t have a mother to breastfeed them?

Feeding your baby his or her first solid food is a major milestone. But even if it is time, are they ready to start on solid food?

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months after birth is highly recommended. In the absence of breastmilk, baby formula is the only food your newborn needs

But by ages 4 months to 6 months, most babies are ready to begin eating solid foods as a complement to breastfeeding or formula. Babies begin to develop the coordination to move solid food from the front of the mouth to the back for swallowing.

The switch from liquid and semi-solid to solid food is a gradual process.

  • Start simple: Offer single-ingredient foods that contain no sugar or salt.
    Wait three to five days between each new food to see if your baby has a reaction, such as diarrhoea, a rash or vomiting.
  • Important nutrients: Iron and zinc are important nutrients in the second half of your baby’s first year. These nutrients are found in pureed meats and single-grain, iron-fortified cereal.
  • Baby cereal basics: Mix 1 tablespoon of a single-grain, iron-fortified baby cereal with 4 tablespoons of breast milk. Help your baby sit upright and offer the cereal with a small spoon once or twice a day after a bottle- or breast-feeding. Once your baby gets the hang of swallowing runny cereal, mix it with less liquid and gradually increase the serving sizes.
  • Add vegetables and fruits: Gradually introduce single-ingredient pureed vegetables and fruits that contain no sugar or salt. Wait three to five days between each new food.

By ages 8 – 10 months, most babies can handle small portions of finely chopped finger foods, such as soft fruits, vegetables, pasta, cheese, well-cooked meat, baby crackers and dry cereal.

Babies may reject their first servings of pureed foods because the taste and texture are new. If your baby refuses the feeding, don’t force it. Try again some other time. If the challenge continues, talk to your baby’s doctor to make sure the resistance isn’t a sign of a problem.

Is it possible for the baby to have food allergies?

It is possible to notice that a baby has an allergy when they start eating solid food. Postponing the introduction of highly allergenic foods, such as peanuts, eggs and fish, hasn’t been shown to prevent eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis and food allergy. In fact, early introduction of certain foods, such as peanuts and eggs, might decrease the risk of allergy to that food.

Still, especially if any close relatives have a food allergy, give your child his or her first taste of a highly allergenic food at home — rather than at a restaurant — with an oral antihistamine available. If there’s no reaction, the food can be introduced in gradually increasing amounts.

Don’t give juice to your baby until after age 1. It can lead to diarrhoea and even tooth decay.

Know what’s off-limits

Certain foods aren’t appropriate for babies. Consider these guidelines:

  • Don’t offer cow’s milk or honey before age 1. Cow’s milk doesn’t meet an infant’s nutritional needs — it isn’t a good source of iron — and can increase the risk of iron deficiency. Honey might contain spores that can cause a serious illness known as infant botulism.
  • Don’t offer foods that can cause your baby to choke. As your baby progresses in eating solid foods, don’t offer hot dogs, chunks of meat or cheese, grapes, raw vegetables, or fruit chunks, unless they’re cut up into small pieces. Also, don’t offer hard foods, such as seeds, nuts, popcorn and hard candy that can’t be changed to make them safe options. Other high-risk foods include peanut butter and marshmallows.

Another reason to avoid giving your baby solid food before age 4 months is the risk associated with certain home-prepared foods. A baby younger than age 4 months shouldn’t be given home-prepared spinach, beets, carrots, green beans or squash. These foods might contain enough nitrates to cause blood disorder methemoglobinemia.

What to do when babies start eating solid food

During feedings, talk to your baby and help him or her through the process. To make mealtime enjoyable:

  • Stay seated. As soon as your baby can sit easily without support, use a highchair with a broad, stable base. Buckle the safety straps.
  • Encourage exploration. Your baby is likely to play with his or her food. Make sure that finger foods are soft, easy to swallow and broken down into small pieces.
  • Introduce utensils. Offer your baby a spoon to hold while you feed him or her with another spoon. As your baby’s dexterity improves, encourage your baby to use a spoon.
  • Use a cup. Feeding your baby breast milk or formula from a cup at mealtimes can help pave the way for weaning from a bottle. Around age 9 months, your baby might be able to drink from a cup on his or her own.
  • If you feed your baby directly from a jar or container, saliva on the spoon can quickly spoil leftovers. Instead, place servings in a dish. Opened jars of baby food can be safely refrigerated for two to three days.
  • If your baby turns away from a new food, don’t push. Simply try again another time. Repeated exposure can create variety in your baby’s diet.
  • When your baby has had enough to eat, he or she might cry or turn away. Don’t force extra bites. As long as your baby’s growth is on target, he or she is likely getting enough to eat. Also, don’t try to get your baby to eat as much as possible at bedtime to get him or her to sleep through the night. There’s no evidence that this works.


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