International Day of Families 2020

international day of families 2020

Happy International Day of Families everyone!

15th of May every year is set aside and recognized by the United Nations as Internation Day of Families. This is to promote the importance of a healthy and well-balanced family.

It is not a public holiday but it is celebrated world over. And it is also marked by events like seminars and policy meetings that promote healthy and happy homes. This is because the family is the smallest unit of every community. Hence it is the smallest building block of every society. Healthy families build better societies and a better world in general.

And this will take the effort of fathers, mothers, guardians. Even caretakers and school teachers have a role in nurturing the child up in building a healthy society.

It takes the whole community to bring up a child. And that means making them understand their role in the family and also representing the families they come from.

There should be an understanding and a sense of responsibility for healthy families to be built. Especially parents who lead by example for their children to emulate. Children may not always do what you tell them. But will always have the tendency to do what you do.

It will take sheer will and personal decision for a child who comes from an abusive family not to be an abuser or still be a victim of abuse themselves.

We can all play some role in the families we come from or belong to. We are the world…

What does family mean to you? What is the essence of a family? When you think of your family what comes to mind first? Happy International Day of Families again…

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