How to Identify a Wife Material

how to identify a wife material

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o be a good husband means you should know how to identify a wife material. You should already have a material in mind before going to the market to select an item of clothing. And you can take along your scissors in case your seller’s isn’t sharp enough.

So, How do you Identify a wife material? Is it cashmere, a new bail material, silk, cotton, wool, or polymer? how many yards of material can you afford?

Identifying wife material is very important. So, are you identifying for yourself or for someone else? Are you going to sew according to your size or you need the material in different shades? Lol.

To identify a wife material is a tricky and fun venture. Of course, there are a lot of things to look out for when you are looking out for a good wife. Because you are meant to do that just once.

In identifying a wife material…

  1. She just likes you for who you are. She isn’t as bothered what you are but loves you for being you.
  2. She is God-fearing and always prays for you.
  3. She is mature and you can trust her judgement.
  4. Respect is what you get any time you are with her. Even behind you, she respects you.
  5. She is kind to everyone, especially children.
  6. You mom talks about her if they’ve ever met. And she likes to remind you to call family if you are far from them.
  7. She is industrious and skilled in everything she does.
  8. A wife material spends money for the right reasons and for the right things.
  9. If you love her meals then it counts as a plus to her being wife material.
  10. No matter how popular or celebrated she is, she is humble.
  11. She is not tribalistic
  12. She knows what you like and what you dislike.
  13. Gives you space when you need some.
  14. You can’t stay angry at her for long as she always wants you to settle.

There are so many other ways to identify a wife material. If in doubt please feel free to “Ask your mummy or a mother figure.” Remember, you will not always find all these qualities and more in one woman. But the more you find, the luckier the man you are.

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