Happy Fathers Day 2019

happy fathers day 2019

Happy Fathers Day 2019 to all the great dads in the world. Fathers, dads and papas don’t have as many fathers day that come around in a year so, celebrate it! 16th July 2019 is the day so mark it hard.

Being a father is a continuous task as it never ends. There is more to be done.

How to Become a More Involved Dad

Researchers have enumerated some ways in which fathers tend to be and can be involved with their children:
• Communicating – Create time to talk with them no matter how busy you get.
• Teaching – Teach your child(-ren) something every time you have the opportunity to.
• Monitoring – Monitor your children’s growth especially.  But do not keep a tab on them so hard they feel stalked.
• Engaging in thought processes – Understand how they think and why they do what they do.
• Providing – Always daddy’s job to cater to the family’s needs in every way he can. Be sacrificial.
• Showing affection – There should be a soft spot in you… You do not have to be ‘macho’ always. Show that you care.
• Protecting – A daddy’s role is to keep the family secure. Let the family feel protected under your wings.
• Supporting emotionally.
• Engaging in child-related maintenance – In every way you can, get involved. Never allow your child to grow and feel like they didn’t have daddy around.
• Sharing interests – There has to be something you (should) have in common – A game, TV programme etc.
• Being available – Be there when they need you.
• Planning – Plan your family and plan with your family.
• Sharing activities – Divide labour and make everybody have a sense of belonging as you build and grow together.

Some other researchers focus on play behaviour as being central to fathering, just as nurturing behaviour is seen as essential to mothering.

Do not forget…

• Have fun.
Fathers are uniquely suited to bond with their children by engaging them in play and fun-filled activities. These sorts of interactions help children learn to navigate the world around them, understand compassion and empathy, and gain control over their impulses, among other benefits.

• Don’t stop as children get older.
Fathers should maintain the active, physical, and playful style of fathering as their children age,” according to the report. “In other words, when it comes to father-child fun, active pursuits like tossing the football, playing basketball, hiking, or going to the library are more valuable than spending time in passive activities such as watching television—for their relationship and for their child’s emotional wellbeing, social development, and physical fitness.”

• Be productive.
It’s very important for children to do productive tasks with their fathers—such as cleaning up around the house, doing laundry, or working in the yard. These types of shared activities instil in children a sense of responsibility and self-esteem. And in the long run, engaging in helpful activities with dad can help kids succeed in school and live, have greater psychological wellbeing, and be more engaged civically.

• Teach them.
When fathers are involved in their children’s educational activities, children are more likely to succeed academically. This engagement can take a number of forms, from reading with children to helping with their homework or attending parent-teacher meetings. This is one area in which a father’s involvement has even more significant impact than a mother’s.

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Share these with loved ones and dads to show them love. Once again from Naija Family Blog, we wish all the fathers a Happy Fathers Day 2019. Keep being real in raising kids to impact society positively. Cheers to you…

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