Constant See App

constant see app

Have you ever been away from your family and loved ones and wondered how they were doing? 

And have you ever had to worry about their security and where they are per time?

We either take precaution early enough or learn from the experience of others when something happens. And this was the case of a family in Abuja, Nigeria.

Hence, the birth of an app called Constant See App…

A young mother and her 3 kids woke up to noises outside her window on the ground floor of her Gwarimpa residence. And when she peeped outside and saw 5 terrifying-looking armed robbers with AK47s.

She felt fear like never before.

Meanwhile, the husband was away on a business trip. She couldn’t call him, or her brothers who lived 5 minutes away or even the police; for fear that she would be overheard and attract unwanted attention by 2 a.m midnight.

The entire ordeal lasted for well over an hour!

So after the incident, she decided to invest her time and money into developing a mobile app that anyone can use to discreetly send out alarm to pre-saved numbers in case of emergencies.

The app will send an alert and show your exact location so those alerted (up to 10 users) can discreetly track the user’s phone.

This is very handy for emergencies. Constant See App is more or less an online version of neighbourhood watch.

And It’s 100% free.

Visit: to download for android and iOS devices.

Tell your family and friends. Let each one of us be our brother’s keeper.


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