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[dropcap]N[/dropcap]aijaFamily blog is a website that serves you everything about family, parenting, relationships and everything in between. We understand the importance of these three elements and how they affect society that is why we dis you everything we can to make your family, parenting, and relationship life smooth and bring you everything related to have a smooth one.


The family is our number one priority as it is the smallest unit of society where children, parents, and anyone else who is part of the family come from. Healthy families breed healthy societies while the reverse is also true.

Like Michael J. Fox said, “Family is not important. It’s everything.

It is all about finding a balance between work, family, and loved ones. We didn’t choose our families and our families didn’t choose us. We all are given who we are given as parents and siblings. The bond holding a family together is as strong as its weakest link. Nothing should come in between that. As parents, you should do what you can positively do for families but be sure to balance your work and family as a father or mother to bring up healthy, happy and well-rounded children.


NaijaFamily Blog is also here to give parents tips and tricks for more efficient and effective parenting that covers both the stay-at-home mom and the dad that is not always around so the child can grow up well-rounded and ready to face life independently. It used to take a village to raise a child but that doesn’t seem to come to play nowadays as the society doesn’t even pardon the slightest mistake of the child anymore. And parents are oftentimes blamed for what the child knows, or doesn’t. Nothing prepares you well enough for parenting in these changing times and that is why we bring you the best we can on parenting and childcare especially for busy parents who are trying to balance family life and work.

But we know that parents, not bureaucrats, know best how to raise their children and create a thriving, strong, and loving societies and communities – Donald J. Trump


Of course, marriages and families are built on healthy relationships in the first place. It is a pre-foundation for the foundation of healthy marriages and subsequent families. Most relationships are a mix of different cultural, ethnic and moral backgrounds and upbringing. We not only bring you the best as to how to get into relationships but how to build healthy ones both in the family and outside it. A guy to lady, spouse to spouse, sibling to sibling, parent to child and child to parent relationships are key and they need to be balanced. Healthy interpersonal relationships are key to success in everyday living. Build and keep good relationships. And that is what we are here for – to bring you ‘resources’ to achieve just that.

We understand that healthy relationships can lead to weddings and marriages. A new family is born. And in such families, children are born or adopted that deserve great parenting that will allow the child grow up confidently. Ultimately, everything affects society. If we can build better relationships and families, we can build better societies.

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