5-Year-Old Boy Pulled Over While Driving to California

5-year-old boy pulled over

A 5-year-old boy was stopped on the highway while driving his mother’s car to purchase a Lamborghini in California.

He left home in his mother’s SUV with $3 after an argument with his brother when his mother said she would not buy him a Lamborghini. He was on his way to California from Utah when police stopped him.

The Police officer said that he observed the SUV weaving on Interstate 15 at around 48 km/h and suspected the driver was under some influence when he made a move to stop the 5-year-old to stop.

The dashboard camera footage of the encounter was shared while the boy’s name was withheld.

“How old are you? You’re 5 years old? Wow. Where did you learn to drive a car?” the officer was heard asking the boy in surprise. He had to assist the boy who was sitting on the edge of the seat to park the SUV on the side of the freeway.

The child told the Police officer that he had planned on driving to California – a journey of almost 1300 kilometres from his home in Utah – to buy a Lamborghini with $3. Lol.

A Lamborghini on the average costs $200,000  but apparently, the 5-year-old boy didn’t know that.

Nobody was hurt in the incident but a local prosecutor could decide to file charges against the parents who were out when the 5-year-old was cared for by his older sibling.


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