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tips that can save your life

21 Tips That Can Save Your Life

Life is very precious and sacred. You need to guard it will everything you’ve got.
That is why Naija Family Blog is bringing you these 21 tips that can save your life. You never can tell when you’ll need any of them.

1. When Stabbed – Never pull out an object you’ve been stabbed with. It’s actually preventing you from a haemorrhage. Let a doctor or other medical person remove it.

2. Public Place Emergency – If you need urgent help in a public place, do not scream for help. People will think someone else will help you. Instead, call out for help to one specific person.

The bystander effect, is a social psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present. The greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help.

3. Airplane – If the plane you’re in has to perform a water landing, you should never inflate your life jacket while you’re in the plane, as it will make you stuck on the ceiling. Get off the plane first, then inflate the jacket.

4. Cooking Gas – If you’re cooking with oil and gas and it catches fire, never try to extinguish it with water. Because of the oil, you’ll instead make the fire bigger. Simply turn off the gas and use something non-flammable to cover the flames. A pot lid, wet cloth, or a wool blanket are useful.

5. During Fires – Stay close to the ground if any building catches fire. Smoke is the first cause of death during a fire as smoke rises. Clearer air for breathing is found close to the ground.

6. In Water – If you find yourself in the ocean, for example, and want to surface, your first instinct will be to paddle as fast as you can. It will exhaust you, and eventually cause you to drown. Instead, just float. Try to tilt your head backwards in water and at the same time bring your feet forward.

7. In Public Centres – Wherever you go, be it a mosque, church, a party, or even a school, make sure you see 3 exits. It can be both easy and hard. Scan the space with your eyes so that even if there’s only one door you’ll find at least three ways out. Find one and stay close to it.

Why? If something bad happens, it may be too late to look for an exit. If you’ve found and memorized them in advance, you’ll be able to move toward one of them almost without thinking.

8. Dogs – If a dog is going to attack you in an open place then, do not run. A dog can catch you in no time( since it is open place). Do not look into its eyes( animals can sense fear).
Do not show your back (showing back is a sign of fear). Grab a stick if possible. Stand straight and be in attack mode. Walk backwards slowly until you are out of attack zone (200 meters is dog’s attack zone).

9. Stalking – If you notice you are being followed, raise your head, and go slowly. People tend to instinctively lower their head and increase their pace when they sense danger.

However, you should do just the contrary: confidently raise your chin, and slow down. Why? When you follow your first instinct, you become prey. Raise your head, and look sideways to see the danger with your peripheral vision.

10. When You Hit an Electric Pole – Suppose you rammed your car into an electric-pole and live current wires on your car then, do not panic. Your car tyres are made up of rubber and will work as an insulator. The metal surface of the car acts as a Faraday cage due to which the electric field inside the car is zero.

Do not step out of the vehicle. If you do so you will complete the circuit between wires and earth and you’ll be fried in no time.

Pick up the floor mats in you car and throw them on the ground where you could reach by jumping.

Make sure you cover maximum area with mats.

Open car door widely( roof top is preferable) then jump onto the mats which you placed earlier.

Make sure you jump with two legs at once (keeping one leg inside may complete circuit).

11. Snake Bites – If you were bitten by a viper/any venomous snake, do not run (the venom will spread faster).

Take a picture of the snake if possible or remember its features (pattern/head shape).

Within the first 2 minutes, more than 95% of the venom will still be around the wound.

Tie your shoelace 3 inches above the wound to slow down the spreading of the venom and loosen the tie for 30 seconds every 10 minutes to avoid necrosis.

Call for help.

12. Fuel – If your car especially the fuel tank were on fire, do not try to douse the fire with water. Water is lighter than petrol and therefore would sink to the bottom of the tank.

The boiling water would produce more heat, which when cannot diffuse, would cause explosion -use dry powder fire extinguisher. Using the incorrect agent can cause the fire to re-ignite.
If the fire cannot be put out within 3 minutes, abandon the car.

13. Car Brakes – You are driving a car and your brakes fail,
Do not say your last prayers in panic and be shouting “Jesus! Jesus!”

Do not kill (turn off) the engine in panic as turning off engine will lock your steering then you can’t change your path to avoid collisions.

Do not change your gear to “neutral”, just decrease the gears sequentially. The car will slow down like wise do with rest of the gears.

Once you have attained impact sustainable speed, try hand brakes. If they failed too, collide your vehicle with a similarly sized, parked car because car fronts are designed to absorb shock (structurally weaker).

And hitting a similarly sized car will distribute the momentum evenly
Else collide it with a tree or pole( make sure you wear seat belt and have air bags).

14. Stairs – Never walk down the stairs with your hands in your pockets. This way if you trip and fall, you’ll not be able to catch yourself.

15. Car Jacking – If a stranger gets in your car forcefully and orders you to take them somewhere, you can drive straight into a pole or a lamp post. This way you’ll render yourself useless to them because

a) the car is damaged and

b) you’ve drawn enough attention by crashing the car.
Sure, you’ll damage your car but you’ll save your life. Ensure your seat belt is on and your car has airbag.

16. Roads – If there are more than 2 routes to your house, try as much as possible to occasionally switch routes and don’t switch in a patterned manner…. This will help you against ambushed kidnapping.

17. Calls – Don’t walk on/by the road when you talk, instead stop and finish your phone call before walking.
You will experience Inattention Blindness (you may be looking at an object but you’ll fail to register it or process what it is).

Walking and talking on a cell phone are two thinking tasks that involve many areas of the brain. Instead of processing both simultaneously, the brain rapidly switches between two cognitive activities.

Cell phone use reduces pedestrian safety. It shuts the world around, makes you blind to danger and is one of the leading causes of death for pedestrians.

18. Accidents – When involved in an accident and a medical rescue team is on site, don’t go about screaming your lungs out “Help me! Help me!”

Make little or no sound as it is a well known fact that the less injured aren’t usually the most vocal in an accident. The silent ones are most times attended to first as it is assumed they are CRITICALLY injured.

19. Sensitive Pictures – Do not take pictures of military vehicles, military personnel or military installations without permission. – Don’t ask me why but you can find out if you want.

20. Foreign – If you are in a foreign country, stay out of political discussions unless you know all of the parties VERY WELL. If pressed for an opinion, then simply state ,truthfully, that you don’t know enough to comment. You will stay alive minding your business.

21. Seat Belt – There is a little, clever device that can prevent death, headache, bleeding, back pain, neck pain, bone fractures, head trauma, brain damage, organ damage, bruises and emergency hospital admittance. And it is in the car.

It’s called a SEAT BELT. Always remember to use it while driving or as a passenger.

What other safety tips do you know that can save lives? Share your thoughts by dropping comments below the post.

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best valentine's day gift ideas for 2019

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Are you feeling a little clueless about how to choose the right Valentine’s Day gift and what it would be? You are not alone…

Picking the best valentine gift for a loved, one as simple as it may sound or look, can actually be tasking. Especially when you are trying to get one before February 14.

Even if you may not personally be marking valentine’s day, the other person may be expecting something. And you better not disappoint.

But not to worry. You are covered on this one. We have put together the possible list of items you can gift a loved one.


Before we go on just keep in mid these points to help you decide.

  • You can be with someone but you don’t mark Valentine’s Day. And it’s not a must to show the other person love in their way. But it’s not just about you alone; it’s about them too…
  • Don’t do too much or do too less in trying to get someone a Valentine’s Day gift. Going over the top could scare someone off or pass unintended message(s).

    Doing enough means doing something that the other person may just be expecting or will be positively surprised by. There should be a meaning behind the gift.
  • What is your relationship with the other person? Are you both dating? Is it your father or mother? Do you just want to tell the person you love them in a special kinda way? Or are you just friends?
  • How sweet are you? And don’t even think about thinking to say you forgot. Especially when you are dating. And you better get the other person something that they can brag about (the experience). Because just like their birthday, Valentine’s Day is but once in a year.
  • Make the presentation a special one too. It’s not just the gift given but the way it is given.

When you answer these questions above then go ahead to think of something appropriate.

So, here’s a list of awesome Valentine’s Day gift items we came up with for you:


And yes you could customize gift items and Valentine’s Day cards to make them feel extra special. Plus, you can give some of these gifts regardless of gender.

For Her

Phone rings about 3:30 am on 12th February. It’s John on the line.

“Hey Johnnie, what’s up?”
(Long silence)
I cant sleep…
“Why? What’s the matter?”
I don’t know what to get Tina for Valentine’s Day…

It can be intimidating when it comes to thinking about what to get her.

Whether you’re looking for a compact gift that is packed with feelings, something as fun and playful as a giant teddy bear, or a dramatic present of roses and rose petals all over with a violinist playing in the corner for the woman in your life, we’ve found great Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to excite her.

And the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank.

  • Scarf –You could get her a scarf of the colour she loves or a red one. Whatever she likes.
  • Shoes   Stilettos, high heels, etc or whatever you have in mind should be comfortable for her and should match something in her collection. Or the wear should match something you intend buying for her.
  • Ball Gown – Red and/or white gowns are killers. It should go with something she already has if she loves the colour you are getting.
  • Perfumes – Eau de parfum, and cologne for women. Something from a collection of a brand she likes will do the job
  • Lip stick – If she uses lip sticks then a red colour or any shade she loves is also a YES to go for.
  • Make up kit – You can get her another set of her current kit if she owns one.
  • Bangles, bracelets, necklace, earrings – Get her any of these jewelries or a set of these if you can afford to. And they better not be tacky.
  • Night Robe – Something she can sleep soundly in and dream about you.
  • A teddy bear with a handwritten love letter isn’t a bad idea either. A letter to tell your sweetheart just how much you care and cherish her and a teddy to cuddle when she misses you. Cool.
  • Chocolate bars and cakes may get her fat. But for today it is an exception. If she is going to take some on her wedding day or already took some on your special day then she can take some more.
  • Flowers – So many sweet flowers have unfortunately died this way all because of love. She will always appreciate them if she is not allergic to them. But they wont last except you are planting a garden.
  • Phone – You could consider buying her a phone if you wish. Some are just great at misplacing phones. Especially around these times. So if her phones goes missing around this period, there you go.
  • The Ultimate Gift – The Ring – If you intend to pop the question on this day then there is no better gift than this!

You mustn’t give these items singularly. You can check out a combination of gifts that go together and give them.

And who says you can’t combine that with a great dinner while presenting the gift(s). It could be the day you pop the question so make the day a smooth one.

Or you could ask another close female what she thinks about a gift you intend buying.

For Him

For women, it’s not easy choosing gifts for men too. And that is why most people have stuck to the tradition of giving men underwear for so long.

Get practical gift items that the man will love. From custom travel accessories that will keep you on his mind and in his heart whenever he’s away, to something he can use/wear while he is around, and anything in between, we will make it easy to find the perfect gift for your man.

Also, be creative about your choice of gift item(s). Try this list:

  • Tuxedo/suit – If you really want to make him feel like he is the man then get him a tuxedo or suit. You cannot misfire when you get a black one of his size that fits!
  • Wristwatch –You can’t miss it with wristwatches. Whether leather strap, chain, or a sporty one. All you have to do is get one that suits his preference.
  • Custom soft robe/towel Adding a personal touch to customize his cozy nights at home by writing his name on the back of that robe will make him feel like Mohammed Ali. Not to talk of when he wraps that towel around or clean himself up with it.
  • Tie(s) – There will always be an occasion to wear a tie even if the man is a t-shirt and jean kind of person. Get him a tie and he will remember you every time he has to wear it.
  • Perfume – Eau de cologne and toilet water are always a yes for a confident man who likes to smell good.
  • Belts –Even if he sags, he will appreciate one of these. And just like a lady can’t have too many shoes, a guy can’t have too many belts.
  • Shoes and socks – Simple wears, loafers, sneakers or leather shoes. You can’t go wrong with them for a man. Nothing too long or too colourful for socks. Just keep it simple if you are getting him a couple. You could even throw in a boxer short here if you are itchy to.
  • Sports gear – He doesn’t have to be a fitness freak or a sportsman before you get him these. Most guys make this their ‘comfy outfit’ at home. And if he’s into jogging or playing sports, get him a canvas, trainers or anything his game requires and watch his face light up as he unboxes his new collection.
  • Packet shirt and Tees – This might be an obvious gift choice but all you have to do is buy his size and it should be the type he likes. Something casual will always be acceptable.
  • Headsets and Speakers – If he loves music, then get him one of these. These can be budget friendly as you can get different types and a guy who loves his music or sports would appreciate these. Wireless ear pods, bass headphones, or quality earpiece is goal.
  • Wallet – This would be a great gift. Especially if he is one to use a wallet for a year. Plus he now has a place to stash some change, his complementary cards, voter’s, ATM, and other identification cards. He’ll love you for it.
  • Cuff links– Like earrings for ladies, so are cuff links to men. He can never have too many of these. Add to his collection. They are small objects that can get lost easily. But give him a pair and he’ll not lose them.
  • Shaving set Even if he is a beard gang member, he would still need to trim some off. If he is a man who likes his face shaven clean, this would be a nice gift. Coconut oil may even make it here. So get some nice clippers if you can.

For Him or Her

The items listed here can be gifted to either him or her:

  • Customised mug/drinking cup Will be very cute especially if you inscribe a romantic message on it. When they sip their warm latte or tea in the morning they will remember you.
  • Books and diaries Are always a collector’s item. Write who it is from and gift them. Can’t go wrong especially when they have been scouting for a copy of the book.
  • Something they can keep on their office desk – clock, pen, pen holder, diary, picture frames etc.

  • Something with their name on it – A cap, a shirt etc

Valentine’s Day Treats

  • A bottle of wine to share together
  • A dinner in a fine restaurant or at home
  • Tickets to go watch a show/movie/act
  • A surprise get-away to anywhere etc. You can get creative with your own list.

It is not only a day of and for lovers… It is also a day to show as much love to the people around you.

Show love, compassion, and appreciation. From a boss to an employee, mother to daughter, and vice versa. You can extend the gesture of love to people you don’t even know.

For Family

For Parents

If your parents (in-law) are alive you can get your dad a bottle of his favourite drink if he is not forbidden to drink it. And maybe a material to sew a simple traditional with.

You can equally get the mothers some wrappers and materials to see her tailor with or get her measurement and get it done for her. How about something for her kitchen?

For Siblings

Get siblings something they’ve always desired.

For Kids

You could get the dude an educational toy, video game, or something to remember you by. Could even be a t-shirt.

You can buy for the girl a dress or a barbie depending on her age. Just be sure it’s something she’d like.

For Friends

Get for your friend something you’d get for yourself…


Love is a universal language that knows no barriers. You can take it outside your door and still communicate it anywhere.

You can give to those who may never be able to pay you back. And there are always around.

The less privileged, displaced people, migrants, orphans, a new neighbour, widows, people without family etc. Used clothes, food, water, shoes, books etc. Whatever you’ve got can be of use. Share a smile, some hugs and firm handshakes…


Be creative and dynamic enough to really listen and understand the other person you are trying to get a gift for by understand this:

  • There is what you wish to get for them,
  • There is also what they wish to have.

When you can reconcile the two then you can get your loved one(s) the suitable Valentine’s Day gift!

For romantic gift ideas don’t even think about predictable gifts and generic cards. Do something unexpected the next time you celebrate your love. Personalize romantic gifts that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. You can customize gifts to make them more special and meaningful.

You can get them a car, a house, sponsor their wedding, get them a washing machine… There are no limits literally.

If you still don’t have a clue what to get them for valentine’s day then just ask them straight up…

Don’t just talk love; show love. – NaijaFamilyBlog

And there is our list of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2019.

So how do you intend to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Do you have any more suggestions you would like to share with us? You can do that in the comments box below.

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