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Wife Seeks Divorce From Husband Over Drunkenness

wife seeks divorce from husband over drunkenness

A housewife in Abuja begged a Kubwa Grade 1 Area Court to dissolve her marriage. This is due to her husband’s drunkenness, refusal to pray, and battery. So, she wants divorce.

Angyan told the court that she got married to Abdullahi 30 years ago. And the marriage has produced six children. The wife said Abdullahi formed the habit of drinking beer and refuses to perform the five times obligatory Islamic prayers.

She added that her husband also refused to observe the just-concluded Ramadan fast. ‎“Whenever he is drunk, he engages me in physical fight. And beats me up mercilessly,” she said. However, she prayed the court to dissolve her marriage. This is on the grounds of his drunkenness, refusal to pray and constant beating. She wants to divorce him for these reasons.

Abdullahi who is a cleaner in Abuja, pleaded guilty. He said that he would write an undertaking to stop drinking.‎ He also said he would share his salary into two, keep half of it to himself and give the other half to his wife for upkeep.

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