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The King’s Best Friend

king's best friend

A long time ago when the world was conquered and ruled by kings there was war upon the land.

The king loved his kingdom and especially his beautiful wife who he fell in love with as a young man before he became king. And he was ready to defend it to the death!

War came upon the land and the king prepared to ride out to battle to defend his kingdom. While the king’s best friend stayed back to oversee the affairs of the kingdom while the king was away.

Before the King went to war, he locked his wife (the beautiful Queen ), in the safe room & gave the key to his best friend and said:

“If I am not back within 4 days, you can open the room and she is all yours.”

He sat on his horse & hit the road while his best friend watched him and the soldiers ride out.

Half an hour later, the king noticed a dust cloud & sound behind him.

He stopped & saw his friend riding very fast towards him.

“What’s wrong?” the King asked his best friend.

Out of breath, the king’s best friend answered,

It’s the wrong Key!”

(How did he know that it was the wrong key? He obviously tried to open the door before 4 days!)

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My Brother: A Poem

my brother

I met a girl. She became my friend. Then my lover. Then my best friend and my lover. I thought we would marry one day.
Now we don’t speak anymore

I know a boy. We played in school. We were inseparable. As brothers. Time passed. We changed.
Now we don’t speak anymore

I met a man. We traveled together. 6 weeks. 18-24 hours a day, 7 days a week we spent together. He knows my darkest secrets. Our travels finished
Now we don’t speak anymore

I had a friend. We lived together for 2 years. Laugh together a lot. We left university. Had the best of intentions to keep close. Life got in the way
Now we barely speak anymore

I met a boy. We don’t speak so often. Not every day, sometimes not even every week. Time will pass and we will drift, apart then together, apart than together; caught in an eternal drift.

He knew the girl that was my lover
Knew the boy who was my play mate

He knew the man I traveled with
Also knew the friend I lived with

He’s seen them come. He’s seen them go. He’ll see them come, he’ll see them go.

That boy is my brother

Time has taught me and life has shown me – he’ll be by my side forever.

Because he’s my brother…

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