My Brother: A Poem

I met a girl. She became my friend. Then my lover. Then my best friend and my lover. I thought we would marry one day. Now we don’t speak anymore I know a boy. We played in school. We were … Continue ReadingMy Brother: A Poem

How to Identify a Wife Material

To be a good husband means you should know how to identify a wife material. You should already have a material in mind before going to the market to select a clothe. And you can take along your scissors in … Continue ReadingHow to Identify a Wife Material

Early Child Development: First 7 Years

Learning starts for children even before they are born. They can hear you when you talk. Especially the mother carrying them. Their learning happens through the interactions and relationships they have with the important people in their lives especially parents, … Continue ReadingEarly Child Development: First 7 Years

Why Men Seem to Die Earlier Than Women

You may not have noticed or thought about it but it doesn’t just seem so; it is actually so. Men are really dying by the day. Though women experience higher stress levels and are more prone to depression and anxiety… Women … Continue ReadingWhy Men Seem to Die Earlier Than Women

7 Things You Must Teach Your Child as a Parent

There are certain things you must teach your child as a parent. And having a teenager especially means having a young adult under your care. These are the making or marring years in their lives. It is not easy monitoring … Continue Reading7 Things You Must Teach Your Child as a Parent

The Essence of Family

The essence of family is beyond being related by blood. Its meaning is beyond bearing the same surname. Family is beyond the nuclear and extended family settings. The essence covers more than the family you are building or the one you … Continue ReadingThe Essence of Family

Welcome to NaijaFamilyBlog

NAIJAFAMILYBLOG Hello world! Welcome to NaijaFamilyBlog! This is Nigeria’s number one family, parenting, and relationship site. Relationships lead to partnerships and even wedding that lead to building a family with the addition of little ones subsequently… And this is the smallest … Continue ReadingWelcome to NaijaFamilyBlog