My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 10

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As I tried to come to realization of what Dayo just did, it dawned on me that all my certificates from primary school to the university were gone. He won’t get away with this, I promised. I began to target his own credentials too. He must experience the pain of losing a lifetime credentials justRead more

My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 9

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His brother who came to pick us up at the airport called me to hear my own side of the story. I told him everything that happened and he began to apologize on behalf of his brother. “Timmy, this is beyond me. My uncle is already involved and there is nothing I can do aboutRead more

My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 8

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I was in the dark because Dayo had destroyed my phone. I have everything saved on my phone. If you are a married woman reading this and you haven’t changed your status on Facebook after marriage, I beg you to do that before you continue reading my story. This innocent mistake had stolen my joy.Read more

My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 7

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The first shocker of my marriage journey started on the 2nd of July. My husband came home moody, unlike him. “What is the matter dear, you are moody? Talk to me, I am your wife,” I pleaded with him. He raised his voice at me, “You are not my wife, you are your father’s wife.”Read more

My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 6

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We got wedded on the 17th of May 20xx and the first month of our marriage was heaven on earth. Marriage wouldn’t have been better than what we experienced as a new couple. We travelled to Dubai for a week of honeymoon characterized by dining, wining, sex, shopping, playing games, watching movies and sleeping. ThisRead more

My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 5

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“If you leave me because of my temper, we will go our separate ways and both get married to people we don’t love. No man is totally perfect, not you nor me. We are all work in progress in the hand of our maker. Posterity will not forgive you if you don’t give me aRead more

My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 3

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The story broke my heart so deeply because I had come a long way with Dayo. Why must it be Dayo? I wished this never happened. How will I quit a relationship that meant so much to me just like that? If I marry Dayo mama will never be happy with me all the daysRead more

My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 2

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“Kemi, you cannot marry that boy, not when I’m alive.” Mama said this in anger. “But why mama?” I asked her. “You obviously don’t know that boy you brought home to me” Mama sounded like she knew Dayo before now. Mama, do you know him? I asked mama. “Whether I know him or not isRead more

My Hot Tempered Husband: Part 1

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I will never forget my decision on the 13th of April 20xx that led to the journey of bitterness in my life and marriage. I was a very simple and loving girl until I met Dayo. My mother warned me, but I never listened. I thought I was in love, and love could overrule allRead more

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