Child Obesity

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Child obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. Children who are obese are above the normal weight for their age and height. And this is not healthy. Childhood obesity is troubling because the extra weight often leads children to health problems regardless of their age — diabetes, high blood pressure andRead more

Some IFs of Parenting

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This piece was said to be written by Tiruvalluvar (a Tamil poet/writer). It’s one of the ancient sciences on Human Behaviour, which has not changed in spite of modern education  & technology! They usually happen as a result of a parent saying or doing something. Here are some IFs of parenting: If your children lieRead more

The King’s Best Friend

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A long time ago when the world was conquered and ruled by kings there was war upon the land. The king loved his kingdom and especially his beautiful wife who he fell in love with as a young man before he became king. And he was ready to defend it to the death! War cameRead more

Shy Girl

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Unlike most girls, she’s the kind who likes to stay quiet and keep things to herself. Because she is a shy girl She’s shy around new people and she doesn’t even have much to say around her old friends. I guess you can say she’s awkward most of the time and she isn’t really sociable. She doesn’t know how toRead more

Random Quote

Do you know that babies can crawl as soon as they are born?