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When Using the ATM

using the atm

Last week I went to use the ATM.

I got there and looked around, joined the long queue and a young lady came to meet me and asked how much I want to withdraw. and then she told me she over withdrew money.

The King’s Best Friend

king's best friend

A long time ago when the world was conquered and ruled by kings there was war upon the land.

The king loved his kingdom and especially his beautiful wife who he fell in love with as a young man before he became king. And he was ready to defend it to the death!

War came upon the land and the king prepared to ride out to battle to defend his kingdom. While the king’s best friend stayed back to oversee the affairs of the kingdom while the king was away.

Before the King went to war, he locked his wife (the beautiful Queen ), in the safe room & gave the key to his best friend and said:

“If I am not back within 4 days, you can open the room and she is all yours.”

He sat on his horse & hit the road while his best friend watched him and the soldiers ride out.

Half an hour later, the king noticed a dust cloud & sound behind him.

He stopped & saw his friend riding very fast towards him.

“What’s wrong?” the King asked his best friend.

Out of breath, the king’s best friend answered,

It’s the wrong Key!”

(How did he know that it was the wrong key? He obviously tried to open the door before 4 days!)

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Shy Girl

shy girl

Unlike most girls, she’s the kind who likes to
stay quiet and keep things to herself. Because she is a shy girl

She’s shy around new people and she doesn’t even have much to
say around her old friends.

I guess you can say she’s awkward most of the time and she isn’t really

She doesn’t know how to be open with
people she doesn’t know and she doesn’t know
how to be outgoing naturally.

She’s just afraid that people would think she’s weird. Not that she should care, but she just doesn’t want to be judged badly for being herself.

She also doesn’t get along with people that easily.
It’s hard for her to find other people that’s like her because
nowadays, most girls are loud and snobby because this generation has deemed that to be “cute”.

She isn’t a “bad girl “, but she feels like
no one would want her because she’s a “good
girl”. But she’s just a shy girl…

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